Since ancient times, in different cultures of the world, use of massaging techniques has been prevalent to bring relief from stress and to improve health and overall well being. Massage therapy can be seen being employed in all the spas and salons for relaxation and stress removal. There are different tools used to achieve the same purpose of relaxation of muscles though hands remain the best way to apply pressure on specific points on the body of an individual to bring a sense of relief and relaxation in his body. Hot stone massage, as the name implies, is the use of soft, round stones that are heated and placed on different body parts to bring relief from aches and pains.

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Hot stones help in increasing blood circulation
Hot stone massage involves heating smooth basalt stones on specific points on the body in conjunction with regular hand massage. Sometimes therapists also manipulate these hot stones to massage body of the individual. Stones of basalt that are rich in iron content are used in hot stone massage as these stones get heated quickly and retain the heat for a long time because of this iron content. Stones found near river basis are used as they become rounded and smooth because of water currents falling over them for thousands of years. Mostly these stones are placed on the back of a person but sometimes they are also held in the palms of hands.

Heat from the stones has curative properties
It is believed that the heat inside these stones, when placed on the body of a person, allows the massage therapist to use it and apply more pressure when it is required to bring relief from aches and pains. The heat or the warmth emanating from these stones helps is improving the blood circulation inside the body of the patient and soothes his nervous system. Most people who have undergone hot stone massage say that the feeling of these stones on the body is very comforting and relaxing and they have achieved relief from chronic pains that could not be cured using allopath medicines. The use of hot stones also helps massage therapists as they need not exert high pressure as warmth from the stones does much of the work.

Hot stones work in much the same manner as hot pads of cloth dipped in oils do in the Indian system of Ayurveda massage. With the added heat from the stones, stroke by a therapist becomes much more effective in bringing relief from stress and muscle tension. There are many benefits of hot stone massage some of which are enumerated below.

·    Relief from stress
·    Feeling of rejuvenation
·    Warmth and comfort
·    Removal of stress and easing of muscle tensions
·    Improved blood circulation
·    Removal of aches and pains

In case of internal muscular injury where massage therapy is recommended, hot stone massage proves to be very effective in speeding up the recuperation process. Blood clotting gets dissolved because of the application of heat while the muscles get relaxed with the pressure being applied by the therapist.