One of the most confusing and challenging aspects of health these days is the subject of weight loss.  With the proliferation of companies with profit motivated infomercials and product lines, most of the information available on how to lose weight is highly biased and often false.  The fact is, there are many reasons for a person’s weight gain and inability to either lose it or keep it off.  The most influential of which is actually a matter of pH balance and toxicity.

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Unknown to most people, the body is like a huge blood sponge.  Our blood courses through miles and miles of blood vessels that weave in and out of all the tissues of the body.  And when we eat or drink something, the substances in whatever it is we consume end up in our blood stream.  From here, the substances in our blood get easily lodged in our muscle and organ tissue, requiring detoxification to remove them.

When a person is eating a diet that is predominantly acidifying in nature, the body will store the excess acid-toxicity in body fat tissue.  The body does this in order to protect the brain and other sensitive organ from damage and to help maintain the correct pH of the fluids of the body so the proper chemical reactions can keep occurring that sustain life.  And if a person eats an acidifying diet full of chemical byproducts and toxins, their body will be unable to keep up with the detoxification requirements and will tend to store the acidity and byproducts in their body fat.
What does this mean?  It means that attempts to lose weight through conventional processes and understandings will often fail as they do not address the real source of the weight gain.  And since most people’s weight gain is actually caused by acid toxicity and chemical byproducts from processed foods, the only truly effective method to lose weight is to alkalize and detoxify their system.

The first thing an over-weight person serious about shedding pounds would want to do is to completely eliminate all processed foods from their diet.  And since cooked vegetables do not carry the same detoxifying and revitalizing effects that raw produce does, they would want to adopt a predominantly raw food diet.  And this alone would have truly life altering effects, as raw plant foods contain high levels of nutrients and powerful enzymes that lift the body’s vitality and directly assist in detoxification.

Next in line would be a juicing program.  Fresh fruit and vegetable juice can literally work miracles in the body, as it by-passes the digestion process and goes right into the small intestines for rapid absorption.  This translates into massive amounts of alkalizing nutrients and enzymes pouring into the blood stream and then into all the tissues of the body.  As this occurs, toxicity and byproducts lodged in tissues and body fat get released and assisted in the breakdown and detoxification process.
Essential to this process would be a full intestinal cleanse and a liver/gall bladder flush, to remove the buildup of toxicity in these filtering organs and increase the body’s ability to detoxify more effectively.

Lastly, and maybe what should be considered first in this process, is breathing.  Over 70% of the waste generated by the functioning of the cells of the body is in the form of gas, and is released through breathing.  This is fascinating, as the prime acidifying substance in the body is carbon dioxide, and the vast majority of carbonic acid needs to be exhaled in order to be detoxified from the body.  This means that to the degree a person has been suppressing their breathing, they’ll literally need to make up for lost time and do daily breathing exercises to ventilate the excessive waste gas that is trapped in their system.  For most people, this has radical effects on the health and vitality of their body, and over-all is probably the most influential factor in losing weight permanently and maintaining high vitality.

As with reversing any condition, the actual factors and reasons for the existence of that condition must be fully identified first.  It is only after this that a truly effective means of resolving the issue can be successfully applied.   This is especially true when it comes to weight loss, as the most influential factors contributing to weight gain and inability to shed unwanted pounds are often overlooked.  Primarily, this is pH balance and the amount of accumulated acid toxicity and byproducts stored within a person’s tissues.  And it is through restoring the alkaline balance of the body, along with a consistent program of detoxifying and revitalizing through organ cleanses and raw food nutrition, that the most successful approach is found.  As with any major lifestyle change, it is usually best to do so gently and consciously, while maintaining consistent progress until the changes that are desired fully manifest.