All facts about Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a very common vitamin and it is one of the essential B complex vitamins which are required by the body. You can find vitamin B12 in many sources and substances and any compound which has active B12 activities is called cobalamin. It has been seen that human beings have two kinds of vitamin B12 in their metabolism. One is called the 5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin and the other methycobalamin. A mineral known as cobalt is also found in vitamin B12 and it is found naturally in some substances and it is added artificially in some others.

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The deficiencies of Vitamin B12

It has sometimes been seen that in some cases the elderly and some people with pernicious anemia this vitamin is not absorbed by the body. The same has been seen in the cases of people who have lower stomach acid production levels.

Some of the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency are seen to be: Fatigue, constipation, loss of appetite, anemia, weight loss, poor memory, difficulty maintaining balance, confusion, dementia, numbness in hands and feet and sore tongue or ore mouth.

Natural sources of Vitamin B12

There are many foods which are rich in Vitamin B12 and to reap the many health benefits of this integral vitamin you can include these Vitamin B12 rich foods in your diet. Some of these foods include milk, chicken, plain yogurt, eggs, fish, fortified cereals, mussels, beef and clams. It has also been seen that most plant foods are not natural sources of Vitamin B12

Benefits of Vitamin B12

Many vitamins and minerals have many health benefits and while many natural sources are seen for vitamins, sometimes these foods have to be included in the diet so that the body gets the benefit of this very important vitamin. One of the major benefits of Vitamin B12 is that it keeps the central nervous system healthy and in good working condition. This vitamin is responsible for creating the sheaths that surround our nerves ensuring basically that they do not short circuit. Vitamin B12 also helps in the formation of red blood cells. It is helpful towards our body in metabolizing proteins and carbohydrates and more minerals on a cellular level. The vitamin is also known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems as well as certain cancers.  Breast cancer is specifically seen as one of the cure areas of Vitamin B12. If adequate amounts of this vitamin are taken during pregnancy then it reduces the risk of neutral tube defects. Vitamin B12 is also helpful in keeping our energy levels at the optimum level.

Research on Vitamin B12 has shown that it can also be helpful in fighting asthma in children. Studies even point to the fact that Vitamin B12 can be helpful in the treatment of HIV because a major deficiency of vitamin B12 has been seen as a common point in many HIV patients.  Some scientists and researchers have shown that the vitamin can even help in preventing the virus from replicating.

There is so much said and written about various ailments, their symptoms, their causes, and overall good health that it is easy and convenient to gather facts about any particular health issue. There is so much stress on maintaining good health today given the rise in lifestyle ailments like diabetes and heart problems. There are many vitamins, mineral and other substances which have various good effects on the human body. It is best to learn about the many vitamins and their benefits for the body so that a person can start taking sources of these vitamins to earn their benefits.