Paleo diet is the short name for Paleolithic diet having various other popular names like Stone Age diet, caveman’s diet and diet of hunter-gatherer.  In the present modern time Paleo diet has come up in the form of a nutritional plan sourced from wild plants animals.

It is based on the presumption that during the Paleolithic era, beginning about 2.5 million years ago and continued till the last 10000 years, the hominid species by way of their dietary habit were eating this kind of diet as they worked for the development of agriculture a marked shift in their way of life. In some references Paleo diet is mentioned as real human ancestor’s diet.
The Facts about Modern Day Paleo Diet:

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·    The present day Paleo diet is comparable to the Contemporary Paleolitic diet and primarily consists of fish and animal meats which are raised by feeding them only on pasture grass. It also includes the edible fungi, roots, vegetables and fruits besides nuts. Very particularly this food does not have grains, legumes, dairy produce, refined sugar, salt and oils which are processed.

·    The popularity of Paleo diet took place by mid 1970 period on the recommendation of a gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin. Thereafter it took the shape of nutritional concept widely researched for its benefits and promoted by many authors in their reports published in various journals of academic nature and books for wide circulation among diet conscious population. It became a specific theme termed as evolutionary medicine.

·    The concept of Paleolithic nutrition follows the premise about modern human’s genetic adaption to its ancestors had the liking and the genetic build of modern day human has not much changed from its Paleolithic ancestors after practice of agriculture came into being. Considering this the ideal diet good for human health is the one which closely resembles to the diet of its ancestors.

·    The arguments fielded by Paleo diet proponents is that in the modern times the populations which subsist consuming traditional diets having close similarity to Paleolithic hunter gatherers to great extent do not suffer from diseases found in other human populations. This fact is supported by researches carried out pointing out large numbers of nutritional characteristics possessing therapeutic value present in the pre-agriculture diet.

·    The above is not free from controversial views expressed by the dieticians and anthropologist who conducted their studies about this kind of diet from different perspectives. They give other reasons about disease free life the human ancestors lived. They were not consuming high calories diet in contrast to the present human population. There were certain other factors besides the Paleolithic diet they consumed.

·    There is reference of Staffan Lindeberg holding the position of a doctor as well as scientist from Sweden who conducted surveys of scientific nature involving population of Kitava located at Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea, which has remained aloof from the effects of westernization. The results of the scientific survey confirm that the population under study does not suffer from diseases like ischemic heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

·    The Paleolithic diet is very commonly advised diet in persons suffering from type 2 diabetes. The Paleo diet is superior to Mediterranean diet and promotes weight loss and is good for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.