Naturally, calcium is found in plants and animals. The plants get it from the soil and utilize it for performing various functions. However, in human begins and animals, calcium is found in teeth and bones. The blood receives calcium from the food items we consume and utilize it for many significant functions. This mineral plays an important role in taking proper care and development of bones and teeth. According to the Maryland Medical Center University, natural calcium sources are vital for keeping the heart, nerves and muscles healthy and in good condition. It offers many health advantages. Still, many people do not include natural calcium sources in their daily diets. Bear in mind, calcium pills can be beneficial but not every time it can be a perfect option.

bread, cheese, tomato

It is wise to obtain calcium from food items. Below are the 5 important natural calcium sources:


According to Medline plus, Diary products are a rich source of calcium. 2 slices of cheddar, one glass of milk, Swiss or American cheese, all include more than 400 milligrams of calcium. The extra dairy picks include yogurt, cheese and buttermilk. Plain yogurt contains 419 milligrams per serving and is a rich source of calcium. Around 2 cups of cottage cheese have just about 150 mg of calcium.

Green vegetables

The green vegetables are also amongst the most important natural calcium sources. It is vital to include dark vegetables in the daily diet. Excellent choices include kale, turnip greens and spinach.


One can obtain a high level of calcium from seafood. Calcium can be obtained from salmon, Sardis and similar kind of seafoods. A can of sockeye salmon or pink sardines with bones includes around 190 to 210 milligrams of calcium.


Even legumes are amongst the most important natural calcium sources. The legumes include beans, peas and lentils. 1 cup of beans holds 68 milligrams of calcium. The pinto beans also hold 39mg of calcium. Both lentils and black-eyed peas have around 30 milligrams of calcium.


UMMC reports that some nuts can prove to be a perfect calcium source. For instance almonds (100g) contain 400milligrams calcium. The pecans have a decent 78 milligrams of calcium every 150g.

For vegetarians, highly recommended calcium rich-food sources include nuts and beans. Dandelion greens, kale, cabbage, turnip greens, mustard greens, spinach and broccoli are all important natural calcium sources and can provide around 400 milligrams of calcium every 1/3 servings. One cane even includes sea vegetables in the diet to get ample amount of calcium on an everyday basis. The coral calcium, obtained from calcium carbonate is other significant calcium source. It is obtained from coral reefs and utilized in making quality calcium pills. It holds high-absorption rate than usual calcium carbonate. Furthermore, it offers more elementary calcium more than 50%. Coral calcium is a refined and pure form of carbonate. It offers long term health advantages.

The advantages even include prevention of overcoming deficiency of calcium and degenerative diseases. Bear in mind, in case of supplementations, one with coral calcium is advised to be consumed after the repasts. It helps in food digestion and reduces acidity to a great extent.

Recently, it has been found that Okinawa calcium is one of the unique natural calcium sources. It is obtained from waters. Various research work and studies have proved its effectiveness. It is considered as an excellent option for people of different ages. The experts recommend adding them to a balanced diet to get a sufficient amount of minerals and calcium. Some fishes like mackerel, and salmon are considered as a rich source.

Some other rich sources of calcium include cream, margarine, yogurt and cheese. Nevertheless, intake of this vitamin must be increased for effective functioning of the body.