KAMBUCHA is a drink produced by placing culture in the sweetened tea. Be it green tea, black tea or white tea. The blending of one or more tea types would lead to additional flavours and richer taste. It basically originated in China and then gained popularity in Russia and other parts of the world. The drink is highly refreshing because it has got the element “TEA” which is a proven to provide higher brain performance.

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The making:
The Kambucha drink requires one cup sugar in one gallon of liquid. The sugar could be brown sugar, white sugar, molasses, honey or glucose. The starter culture needs to be bought from the organic food store.

1. First of all boil 2 gallons of fresh water and add tea bags after removing from the flame.
Remove the tea bags now and add 2 cups of sugar and stir continuously until it gets dissolved completely.

2. Allow the mixture to cool. Now add the starter culture to the sweetened mixture and pour it into a bottle with widened opening (preferably glass bottles).
3. Also pour the liquid which comes with the starter culture into the bottle. The bottle used for the making process needs to be covered with a woven cloth such that the air gets passed through it easily.

4. Allow the mixture to ferment for a week (more time at cooler temperatures).

5. A new culture will grow over the starter culture which would get separated itself or needs to be pulled away with a very little effort. This new culture will act as the starter culture for further batches of Kambucha.

6. Pour the Kambucha tea mixture into glass bottle leaving some space at the top because fermentation results in CO2 and alcohol. The carbon dioxide content could explode the bottle if the space is less. (The alcohol content is less than 0.5 percent, which makes it a non-alcoholic beverage).

7. Save some Kambucha liquid so that it could be used with the starter culture you preserved for the next batch (20 percent liquid).

8. The mixture is allowed to ferment further allowing it to become thicker and more acidic for some 48 hours more. Refrigerate the bottles.

9. Do not shake the bottle at the time of consumption. Just remove the top thin layer (new mother)
the cool refreshing Kambucha drink is ready to serve.

* To know that your drink is appropriately fermented just make sure that the mixture is a bit sweet and mostly tart.

Health benefits:

Studies reveal that Kambucha drink has antioxidants, heals ulcers, protects livers and improves nervous activity. Not only this, it suppresses increases glucose levels and thus is a boon to the diabetic patients. However some studies show a complete different picture, which report risks and dangers in its consumption of Kambucha.
Kambucha is a tasty, easy to make and a must try beverage. Moreover it energizes the brain activity. Try it today with the easy steps shown above.
Herbal teas should be avoided in making of Kambucha as they may harm the culture over prolonged period.