Coconut nectar is the 100% pure natural sweetener derived from freshly obtained coconut tree sap. People use for making a sweet drink and enhance the value of the food they take. For many it is an essential item included in their diet. It has a rich amazing taste imparting coconut fruity flavor packed with great nutrient value and at the same time its Glycemic index is very low at 35 in comparison to other sweetening syrups like maple syrup.

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The coconut sap is gathered from new fonts present at the top of coconut tree. It is the skill traditionally used and passes from generation to generation during last many centuries. The coconut sap after its extraction is boiled to form golden colored thick syrup. Thus natural coconut syrup gets ready to be used as a sweetener.

The concentration of sucrose present in the fresh coconut sap is nearly 12% on an average by its weight. The variations of sucrose are observed from tree to tree with a range of 10% to 14%.

The color and sweetness of the coconut nectar exhibits variations to some extent based on the coconut tree species, the part of season during which it was harvested and more important is its location and the way the sap is reduced.

Looking at Coconut Nectar’s Health Benefits:

·    The Coconut nectar’s Glycemic index quite low at 35 and is treated as low Glycemic index food. Thus it is considered as healthier food preferred over traditionally used white sugar and brown sugar. It is used as sugar substitute in the ratio of 1:1 sugar for drinks like coffee, tea or while baking and cooking.

·    Coconut Nectar Syrup is having high mineral content and is rich source for getting minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc; besides iron. Besides the source for minerals it also contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6. In comparison to brown sugar the coconut nectar is having twice more than the iron and four times high magnesium diet and more than 10 times the Zinc quantity.

·    Coconut sap which is having Coconut Nectar is containing 16 times more amino acids. Glutamine is very rich in coconut sap. It is useful in treatment of serious illness like injury, burn trauma and side effects acquired through some form of treatment often like cancer and postoperative difficulty in wound healing. It is a rich source for vitamins and inositol known to cause reduction in the necessity of analgesic medication.  It reduces edema due to burns and relieves the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

·    Coconut nectar produces beneficial effects on the central nervous system. It is helpful in healthy cells development.

·    Incidentally the Coconut nectar is having nearly same consistency as the syrup is having. There is no coconut taste but it is certainly having rich, very specific flavor which is not overpowering.

·    The salads taste turns out amazing with addition of coconut nectar to it. It can be used in coffee as well as while making baked food. All the recipes where honey or agave nectar is used can be replaced with coconut nectar the natural sweetener giving good health.