Miraculous, universal, and king of juices are few keywords used for a carrot juice. Obviously there must be some reason why a carrot juice is being related to such adjectives. Some of the major benefits that you can gain from a carrot juice are as followed:

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1. Because of the presence of high amount of beta carotene in a carrot juice, it can easily help a body in fighting from cancer and cancer causing agent.

2. Since it also supply vitamin A to the body, therefore it enhances the eye sight and health of the skin.

3. It also allows a body to stay protective from any sort of bacterial or viral infection. It is quite efficient in inhibiting any symptom of night blindness or dry skin.

4. A carrot juice is extremely beneficial for a pregnant lady. It supply almost all the essential substances which can enhance a baby’s and a mother’s health.

A vegetable juice prepared from any vegetable also provides similar benefits to our body. Although the kind of vitamins and other essential nutrients provided may vary from the vegetable used, but all vegetable juices are great for maintaining good health. After knowing all these benefits from a carrot or vegetable juice, you can follow the following tips for understanding how to prepare a nutritious holistic carrot and vegetable juice in your home.

Preparing a carrot juice:

1. Buy some organic carrots from the market, peel and wash them properly. It is always recommended that you must reduce the Ph levels of the carrot first. You must be wondering how to do that? Just purchase some citric acid from the near buy market (it is readily available and quite cheap as well) and wash the carrots with it. It removes all the bacteria from the carrots and reduces the ph as well.

2. Now keep all the carrots (cut them first) in a juicer for chopping and mashing them properly. After pouring the mashed content in a jug, just add hot water to it. You can add corn starch for a suspended juice.

3. If you want to enhance its taste, you can add a cup of orange juice to it. Since a carrot juice settles down very fast, therefore it is advised to stir it well before serving.

4. For enhancing the benefits of a carrot juice on your health, consume it with some apple juice. The mixture of carrot and apple proves a great amalgam of health and taste.

Preparing a vegetable juice:
1. Chop down the vegetable of which you will be preparing a juice. Use a mixer and put the chopped vegetables in it. Grind it properly so that it is mashed properly.
2. Now add some sweetening agents which will enhance its taste. Do not add poor quality sweetening agent. It is recommended to use low calorie sweeteners for this purpose.
3. Serve it with ice.

These tips will surely help you in preparing a healthy carrot and vegetable juice. If you wish you can mix the two juices and add some sweeteners. This juice will taste divine and will prove good for your health as well.