Banana is a common name for non-woody plant part or herb. The scientific name of the fruit is “musa balbisiana”, and “musa acuminate” depending upon their genomic formation. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors when full-grown including red, yellow and purple.  They are native to Southeast Asia and tropical south. They are first cultivated in New Guinea. Today, they are domesticated all through the tropics. They are cultivated in more than 107 nations. In “commerce” and “popular culture”,” banana” normally signifies sweet, soft “dessert bananas”. On the contrary musa cultivars with starchier, firmer fruit are well known as cooking or plantains bananas.


The distinction is purely unsupported and the expressions “banana” and “plantain” are at times interchangeable depending upon their usage. The health benefits of this fruit are enormous. Basically, the fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins that make it mandatory to add to the daily diet. It offers significant help in overcoming and preventing significant various ailments and conditions like:

Diarrhea and constipation

Bananas are rich in fiber content. The nutrition value of this fruit is exceptionally high. If included in the regular diet, it can restore the normal bowel movement. As a result, it can assist overcome the issue without utilizing laxatives.


Making a banana shake, flavored with honey is amongst the fastest means on how to take care of a hangover. This is because of the reason that banana can cool the stomach and with the help of the honey, body builds up exhausted blood sugar levels when the milk rehydrates and soothes the system.


It is a fact that this holistic fruit can assist reduce depression as it contains amino acid, tryptophan that can be converted to  5-hydroxytryptamine. It can ease depression and improve mood.


Banana fruit is developed from the heart of the banana in a massive hanging cluster. It is made of tiers called as hands. These hanging clusters are also well known as a “bunch”. Bananas are relatively rich in iron and have immense nutrition value. Thus, it assists the hemoglobin function of the body.

Stroke and high-blood pressure

This tropical produce is rich in potassium content yet low in salt. It can prove to be a perfect-food item for preventing blood pressures. Additionally, the Food & Drug Administration of United States has allowed the banana industry to make up official claims for this fruits’ capability to assist reduce the stroke and high blood pressure risk.


The health advantages of this fruit are immense. The health experts consider this fruit as a holistic healer. The raw fruit assist reduce irritation and acidity and stimulates the body cells on the inner stomach lining to develop thicker mucus that guards against acid.

Thus, bananas offer many health advantages. They are affordable and tastes superb. They even contain very less amount of calories. This makes the fruit a perfect choice of snack for those trying to lose those extra pounds. Regular intake of this fruit can boost the brain power. According to a current research, bananas can even activate the drive to be attentive. It can help to be more productive mentally as well as physically.