What we eat and drink is a huge part of our lives and existence. Much of the food that is sold in our modern societies are so over processed and full of chemical preservatives that most of the nutrients are stripped and the food has to be “fortified” or have chemical minerals and vitamins added just to be considered “nutrients”.

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Most people consider a large part of holistic nutrition just getting wholesome food that is not over processed. This usually means eating mostly fresh food that has not gone through massive amounts of processing. This can be a challenge in many places that we live. If you live in a tropical environment, it can be easy to get fresh food all year, but when you live in a northern climate, it can be more of a challenge to find fresh food that is affordable. By the time the food finds its way to the northern climates, it is often over processed or has to be shipped long distances and packaged excessively.

Consciously buying and gathering your food is a big challenge if you are trying to eat holistically. If our food comes from destructive means, it really can not be in balance with the rest of life and health for our well being and our holistic development.

There has been a large “buy local food” movement over the past several years, which is an improvement. Seeing people getting back to their own environment and looking for food sources in their own back yard is wonderful. This is great because people can get food that is grown in balance with their own environment, and people also get to see the impact that producing the food has on the world around them.

How and when you eat is very important in a holistic diet. If people consume the majority of their meals on the run, it is not being digested properly and what little nutrition it has is not being absorbed correctly into our bodies.

If all people could sit down at every meal take the time to eat and enjoy good, wholesome food, many illnesses such as colds and flu would decrease drastically. When we take the time to sit and eat we are allowing our bodies the time and energy needed to process the food we are in taking. When people eat on the run the body and the organs have a difficult time devoting the energy needed to process the food the way it should be processed.

In many cultures, eating meals is a sacred ritual where families and tribes gather, give thanks, and partake in the meal together. This is very powerful and meaningful to most cultures and promotes family ties, communication, and togetherness.

In our modern culture, we have lost a lot of the ritual of meals. When you drive by any fast food chain, you will often see cars lined up at the drive through buying hurriedly made meals that will be gulped down while fighting through traffic to reach their next destination. Then dinner is frequently a T.V. dinner, takeout, or some other over processed junk prepared from a box and consumed while watching strangers on television.

A large percentage of society has lost both the ritual of meals and most of their healthy eating habits. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you. The first thing your body needs is good nutrition and the time to properly process the nutrients it receives. When people are searching for holistic nutrition, they are usually also searching for lost connections to themselves, their environment, their family and their culture.