Losing weight is not easy. It’s a lifestyle change but many people are having a hard time changing their lifestyle in order to lose the extra weight. For a person to lose weight, he needs to exercise or go on a diet plan. Dieting can feel like you are depriving yourself with the indulgence of food while exercise can get really boring and some people just don’t have the extra time and effort to do it on a regular basis.

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Some people find it more difficult to lose weight than others. Some have slower metabolism that what they eat are almost automatically stored as fat while others have other conditions such as hormonal imbalance which needs extra treatment in order to lose the weight. For most people, a balanced diet with exercise is enough. For those who want to speed it up further yet without using strong weight loss drugs that can be harmful, there are several holistic herbs that can help with your weight loss plan.

Cayenne is a great spicy herb that is used for weight loss. It increases the person’s metabolism thus burning more calories. It is speculated that it increases a person’s metabolism by 25% but it needs to be a part of a regular diet. It is not going to be the only thing you need in order to lose weight but your weight loss plan would be complemented by Cayenne peppers.

Green tea is another great herb used for weight loss.  It is rich in antioxidants which are beneficial to a person’s health and it also has EGCG which stimulates the body’s metabolism and speeds up weight loss. EGCG with caffeine causes the fat to move to the blood stream and burned as fuel through “thermogenesis”.
Another thermogenic herb is the Nettle herb. It helps in curbing the person’s cravings and appetite for food. Nettles contain Serotonin that makes you feel satisfied thus suppresses your appetite. Other great benefits of nettle herbs are detoxification and beautifying benefits for your skin, nails and hair.

One herb has received great attention recently because of its weight loss properties. This herb is known as “Hoodia”, the Hoodia Gordonii.  It works as an appetite suppressant and is only grown in the deserts of African regions.  Hoodia Gordonii works by tricking the brain to think that it is already full when it’s not.  The hunger mechanism of the brain is stopped by taking Hoodia therefore it’s a lot easier to lose the weight when you don’t have the cravings to worry about. But, it also has a side effect and should not be taken by diabetic patients.  It tricks the brain that it has enough blood sugar level which may become a problem when the indicator of a low blood sugar is interfered.
Holistic herbs are great supplements for weight loss and one should not rely on them for effective weight loss. You still have to do it the hard way with some dieting and exercise but with a herbal supplement, you can boost your weight loss further.