Garlic or Allium Sativum grows almost everywhere around the world. All garlic grown is cultivated asexually by planting each clove in the ground while on colder regions and climates, garlic cloves are planted during the fall just before the soil reaches freezing point and grows just in time for cultivation in the spring. Garlic grows easily because it is not attacked by diseases and pests.

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Garlic is cultivated and grown around the world, with China being the largest garlic producer amounting to more than 10 million tones of garlic annually or 75% of the world’s supply of garlic.

Widely used globally as a condiment because of the pungent flavor it produces when mix with other ingredients thereby becoming a major component of the many dishes of the different regions of the world. Aside from that, garlic is also used as herbal and natural holistic remedy for a number of illnesses.

Over the years, the use of garlic as an herbal medicine in treating a number of diseases and conditions has become widespread. Backed by scientific studies suggests garlic as a reliable holistic remedy for people with high blood pressure as it can reduce significantly the blood pressure by as much as 6% to 9%.  Garlic was also proven to help people; especially those with old age reduce the effect of hardening of the arteries. By consuming garlic, the blood flow on the arteries and veins flows smoothly thus avoiding stiffening and hardening that can cause heart attack and other body pains.

Eating garlic also reduces the danger of developing stomach cancer, rectal cancer and colon cancer because its extract juice helps fight off oxidants and other harmful bacteria that causes lumps and mumps which can form cancerous cells.

People who digest more garlic than those who take lesser amount of garlic enjoy having a significant reduce number of tick bites as chemicals from garlic scares of ticks from biting the skin.  Garlic has also been proven scientifically as a good defender of the skin. Fungal infections like jock itch, athlete’s foot and ringworm respond positively to a treatment of garlic gel when applied to the skin.

In 2007, the BBC came up with a report that Garlic or Allium sativum might have the proper chemical ingredients to combat and prevent the common cold. This assertion while not fully scientifically proven was backed up by a long standing tradition and belief as the Cherokee Indians used garlic as a herbal medicine for croup and coughs.
Garlic also helps regulate the blood sugar levels. By constant consumption of aged garlic extracts, blood sugar levels decreases gradually thus helping prevent complications and onslaught of diabetes mellitus. People receiving insulin treatments are advised to consult a physician first before taking medicinal amounts of Allium sativum or garlic.

Other holistic and herbal medicinal use of garlic includes; remedy for fungal infections, chest problem and digestive disorders. For AIDS patients, garlic is also used to help treat toxoplasmosis and is currently being tested in China to treat cryptosporidium.

Garlic is one of the worlds popular plant as it not only put flavor on varying dishes around the world, but it can be a very good provider of holistic healing and a very useful herbal remedy for a number of conditions.