Everybody can experience feeling depressed at least at one point in their lives. We can get really moody and feeling the blues. When this happens, we tend to just sulk in our room or cry our eyes out. It’s not a nice feeling to feel depressed and there are people who suffer from chronic depression which can be very severe to the point that suicidal tendencies may also be associated with it.

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Good thing there are ways to treat depression once it sets in.  Depression is considered a psychiatric disorder and there are drugs prescribed by psychiatrist that can help patients to feel a lot better. Anti-depressant drugs are indeed effective but there are other ways to combat depression- through holistic herbs.

Many of the anti-depressant drugs work by increasing the serotonin that circulates the brain. It’s what makes us feel good.  Several herbs also help in increasing the serotonin level in our brain and 3 of the mostly used ones are the licorice, Siberian ginseng and the Saint-John’s wort.

The Siberian ginseng herb is used most often and people suffering from emotional problems such as depression who used this herb swear of its effects. Not only that but it also helps improve the person’s memory as well as concentration.  As a stress-reliever, Siberian ginseng is also quite effective as it is considered as an “adaptogen”.  Take Siberian ginseng extract twice daily at dosage of 250 milligrams each. Do this for 2 months and you’ll feel a great change in you. Make sure you don’t take it before heading to bed as it can keep you awake a little longer.

Licorice is an excellent anti-depressant herb which prides of its 8 MAO inhibitor compounds. MAO is monoamine oxidase which is proven to have antidepressant effects. Glycyrrhizin compound breaks down Cortisol which helps the body deal with stress a lot better. It also has Isoflavan and Isoflavene that has anti-depressant properties. Licorice roots can be taken as tea or as an extract or as capsules and other forms. It has some side effects though which can trigger high blood pressure, water retention and headache so it’s best to consult a doctor if you plan to take this for long-term.

St. John’s wort has taken the limelight from licorice in its anti-depressant properties. It had been used for ages as treatment for depression and anxiety. It turns out that the herbalists from many ages were right about St. John’s wort.  Hypericin is a compound found in St. John’s wort that improves the feeling of anxiety and depression. Some even say that this compound is more powerful than several anti-depressant drugs found in pharmacies. Sleep is also a great effect of this herb as those with clinical depressions also have difficulty falling asleep. Just make sure not to take this herb when you are pregnant.

All these 3 holistic herbs can really help you fight the blues and you’ll feel livelier and happier. Depression will be a thing of the past if you take one of these herbs following their safety warnings.