Chamomile flower is not only pretty flower but it also has many medicinal properties and it is being widely used as a remedy for treating various diseases. This herb will surely help you a lot, irrespective of whatever stage in life you are in. If you have inclination towards herbs and are planning to add a versatile herb in you collection or cabinet than chamomile is the undisputed choice for you.

chamomile, flower, tea

Chamomile is a common flowering plant in the regions of northwest Asia and is can be found many parts of central and southern Europe. Due to the innumerable benefits attached to these plants, it is being widely cultivated all around the world. It is used since long for overcoming stress related disorders.

Chamomile is a flower belonging to the daisy family and is considered as one of the most ancient and favorite herbs of all times. It is an herb, which people are using since ages. Chamomile is one of the many distinct species in the sunflower family. It is used across the world for infantile colic and more than scientific validation it is supported by positive word of mouth. Chamomile is used as herbal medicine for treating various diseases since quite some time. Traces from history gives us evidence to support that chamomile was one of the most popular treatments for various ailments like wound healing, infantile colic, teething pains, sleep disorders, anxiety, skin infections/inflammation, digestion/intestinal conditions, and  rash. However, chamomile is also an invasive species in agricultural field and farmers find it very difficult to control spread of chamomile in their fields.

Chamomile is also widely as a tea ingredient in countries like U.S, Australia, and Canada etc. Herbalists also recommend chamomile for treatment of blood clots, muscle tension, water retention and for a depressed immune system. It is used internally for treating spasms and inflammation in the digestive tract. Since many years chamomile is used as an effective herbal medicine.

Chamomile tea is well known for its remedial properties. It not only helps to make a colic baby feel better but also baby when he or she is in teething period. Chamomile tea is not only beneficial for infants but for adults also. It can reduce the pain of cramps and helps to regulate your periods. Painful backaches that come with your monthly cycle can also be cured by chamomile.

These days you will find many people bathing with chamomile. After a long and a stressful day, bathing with chamomile leaves soothes your body and makes you relax. Chamomile also has skin softening properties. These days you will find many cosmetic products like lotions and creams containing chamomile for skin-softening properties.

Chamomile contains a large number of antifungal and antibacterial ingredients that make chamomile perform brilliantly in certain situations. Chamomile can be used in variety of forms like Liquid capsules, Infusions (tea), liquid extracts, ointments, tincture, dried flower heads etc.

It is true that chamomile offers a large number of benefits to the user. However, like any other good things, chamomile also has few shortcomings. It may interfere with anticoagulants or the blood thinners in the body and thus can produce complications in your body. It is advisable to consult your doctor before you take chamomile in any form. Chamomile and ragweed are related and if you are allergic to ragweed than you should avoid chamomile as well.