Have you experienced anxiety recently? Most people feel anxious about something from their day to day lives. It’s a feeling of uneasiness. Like, when you’re anxious about a future job or about a problem you’re facing. This is perfectly normal but there are different levels of anxiety that a person may experience and it can be a real burden. Anxiety can also lead to depression so before a patient experiences depression and currently suffers from anxiety, it is best to get treatment for it as soon as possible.

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There are several medications available such as drugs prescribed by doctors while there are also holistic herbs that help in treating anxiety.  With holistic herbs, the side effects are much less compared to medical drugs that offer the same effects. Herbal remedies are sure to make life a lot easier for you. No need to suffer with anxiety especially if it burdens you every day.

Holistic specialists will give you prescriptions to what herbs you need for your problem. Anxiety is a mental disorder that can be treated through these herbs.  St. John’s Wart is an herb that is used to treat depression but is also as effective in treating anxiety. It’s a natural sedative that helps you calm down and relax.

Bugleweed is another holistic herb that is used as an anti-anxiety herbal drug. It helps the patient feel calmer thus reducing anxiety. Not only that, it also helps in reducing the blood sugar for diabetic patients.

One gentle herb used as anti-anxiety herb is the Passion flower. It’s like a natural tranquilizer. It can be used for addicts suffering from anxiety due to curbing of their cravings. Once they start feeling anxious because of substance withdrawal, Passion flower would greatly help in easing the patient and reduces their cravings. It’s also great as treatment for Insomnia and other health problems.

Peppermint is a popular herb that actually helps relieve anxiety as well. We use peppermint because of its great flavor. Knowing that it has an anti-anxiety effect makes it more appealing to people.  Use the leaves by boiling it in hot water and add honey for sweetness if you desire. After drinking the peppermint tea, lie down and relax.
Holistic herbs for anxiety treatment have many great benefits compared to prescription drugs. They are all-natural and does not contain any harmful chemical substances. They are also non-toxic and safe. Aside from treating anxiety, they also have other great benefits for the body. And most importantly, these holistic herbal treatments for anxiety won’t make you addicted. Some patients get addicted to anti-anxiety prescription drugs but they won’t get the same cravings with the all natural herbal remedy substitutes.

Though it’s not all benefits for these herbs, there are also some minor side effects like nausea or palpitation. So it’s still best to consult a holistic practitioner to get the right dosage of each herbal herb for your treatment.