An aromatherapy session is not complete without an aromatherapy bath. Here essential oils are poured into the bath water. These oils are natural plant products and they have distinctive fragrances and smells according to the plants they are extracted from. These oils not only add a lingering fragrance to the bath water but also leave the body smelling fresh and fine. They also have an effect on soothing the senses of the bather because they relax the mind and the body and let the person slip off into a surreal world till the bath lasts.

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Some common essential bath oils
You do not have to go to the spa to enjoy an aromatherapy bath session. You can do it at home if you have a few basic essential bath oils like lavender or chamomile. Lavender is a very commonly used bath oil and it has a soothing fragrance which leaves the mind fresh and body smelling wonderful. Some of the other commonly sought bath oils are olive, jojoba, coconut, sesame, rose, lemon, ylang ylang, bergamot and citrus among others.

Benefits of using essential bath oils
You can buy essential bath oils at any store selling essential oils. Usually the oils sold for aromatherapy sessions are the same as the essential bath oils and only a few drops have to be added to the bath water to experience their benefit. The essential oils have healing properties and when they are added to the bath water, they also leave a soft and lingering fragrance which is a great mind soother. The fragrance lasts for sometime on the body and because of this the mind is more calm and relaxed. If some people prefer the unscented bath oils then these too are available. Some people do not prefer any kind of scent or smell from their bath water and other toiletries but for most people the purpose of adding essential oils to the bath is to experience the calming effects the fragrance of the oils leave.

Bath salts
Bath salts can be made at home and it does not require too much to make them on your own. You will need some baking soda, sea salts, Epsom salts, a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Bath salts can be added to the water and they will dissolve in water but it is preferred that the water be warm or at least lukewarm for better mixing of the salts. Bath salts do not react negatively with essential bath oils but generally people do not use both together. As bath salts also come in similar fragrances like lavender, chamomile, mandarin and bergamot, either the bath salts or the bath oils are added to the bath.

Make at home bath oils and salts
Today there is so much information about the many essential bath oils and bath salts found on the internet. You can learn how to make an essential oil blend or a bath salt mixture from the many websites. You have to buy the ingredients and just follow the process mentioned in the instructions. By making essential bath oils and bath salts at home you can enjoy the effects of aromatherapy at home itself.