Bamboo Massage has traditionally been used for relaxation and healing
Different types of massaging techniques have been employed in different parts of the world to bring relief and relaxation in body muscles and tissues. In fact, massage is increasingly being employed as a preferred means to get relief from high stress that has become a part and parcel of our lives these days. Though when we think of massage, masseurs making use of their hands and oils to apply pressure on our muscles is the image that comes to our mind but hands are not the only tools used to massage people. Bamboo massage has emerged as a new kind of massaging technique in which bamboo sticks, often oiled and heated, are used to give a deeper massage to a person. Bamboo sticks are rolled and pressed over different body parts to release tension to bring relief from pains and stress accumulated inside the body of an individual.

Bamboo, forest

The importance of bamboo has been realized in Asian cultures
The use of varying lengths of different diameters of bamboo sticks for massaging the body of a person may be a new technique for the westerners but much before the west came to employ bamboo in making paper, this giant grass was being used in Asian cultures in many ways.  In China and Japan, bamboo has traditionally been seen as an expression of vitality, fertility, prosperity and longevity. It is also considered auspicious in Indian culture where it is used to make structures to sit inside during marriage ceremonies. In fact, bamboo poles are considered sacred and used as a material in rituals and worships.

Deep tissue relaxation is sought through bamboo massage
Relaxation of the tissues that is obtained with hands of a masseur making use of oils and pressure of hands is sought to be achieved with bamboo sticks, called chow sticks in China. Some experts use heated sticks while others oil the sticks before rolling and kneading these sticks over the body of the person. The massage done using bamboo sticks is believed to bring relaxation with removal of stress improving blood circulation in body parts. All these help in removing aches and pains in different body parts and also seem to bring relief in symptoms of some chronic ailments that do not seem to be cured using allopath medicines.

There have been thousands of cases where people have reported amazing improvements in arthritis and joint pains, rehabilitation after injury, migraines, aches in legs and muscles, lower back pains, and even respiratory problems through bamboo massage. The use of bamboo in place of hands of the masseur is beneficial to the therapist also as there is less stress in his hands and arms. The main purpose in bamboo massage is to manipulate the areas of the body of the patient using bamboo, thereby bringing deep tissue relaxation that is just not possible with simple hands. In some places, therapists make use of oils and lubricants to increase sensuality of the massage and to bring additional health benefits accruing by oils.