Ayurveda, though it is wrongly perceived as a mere ancient medicine system from India, is in fact Indian lifestyle that was practiced in ancient times. it is based upon a belief that all living things have a system of dosha or weakness that results from delicate imbalances in life forces or energies called vata, pitta, and cough. There are many detoxification techniques in Ayurveda such as yoga, meditation, herbal medicines, and aurvedic massage etc that are used to treat or cure ailments of people depending upon their systems. Ayurveda massage is just a part of this entire exercise of detoxification to achieve a balance between vata, pitta, and cough.

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Ayurveda massage is a part of the system of living called ayurveda
Ayurvedic massage or abhyanga as it is known as in the western world, is a kind of whole body massage (head to toe) where warm oils are used by the therapist to improve blood circulation and to bring relief from different aches and pains by applying pressure on soft muscles of the body. The basic objective of an ayurvedic massage is to achieve detoxification and relaxing and strengthening the muscles of the body. In this kind of massage, which is a type of hard massage, hands and elbows are used to apply pressure on various body parts of the individual using various oils. Sometimes feet and forearms are also used to bring deep sense of relaxation and well being. The main strikes in ayurvedic massage techniques are classified as tapping, kneading and squeezing. The intensity and pressure are dependent upon the physical and metal condition of the person as different persons have different doshas that need to be corrected.

Ayurveda massage aims to cleans body to bring about balance in doshas
Just as in acupressure, there are specific points in the body of the individual that need to be identified and massaged using different strokes too bring relief in aches and pains. These points are called marma points in Ayurveda massage. Though ayurvedic massage is just a part of the detoxification techniques described in Ayurveda, it has become very popular in the western world as a means to get rid of symptoms in chronic ailments and diseases. There are also people coming to India especially to get ayurvedic massage sessions to relieve their bodies of different stresses and pains.

The fact to keep in mind is that ayurvedic massage is a method to help in detoxification of the body to bring about a change in the imbalance between vata, pitta, and cough so that the person feels a positive state of health both physically as well as mentally. Today, ayurvedic massage is being used more for its curative benefits than as a routine measure to keep oneself in good health. Today there are proven procedures I ayurvedic massage to bring relief in the symptoms of arthritis, sciatica; slip disc, frozen shoulder, spondylitis etc. These are some of the medical conditions where allopath can do no more than keep symptoms under control and has no permanent cure of these diseases. This is the reason why people afflicted with these and any more medical conditions are arriving in India in large numbers to undergo ayurvedic massage.