Sandalwood is from the Santalum tree as well as the Santalaceae tree. These are heavy trees and are used for carvings as well as for its fragrant quality. The most common members of these types of trees are the Indian Sandalwood as well as the Australian sandalwood.  There are other genus of the species that are also fragrant but are not as commonly used as the Indian and Australian Sandalwoods.

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The Indian Sandalwoods are now very expensive because the trees are now on the list of the threatened species. Indian Sandalwoods in India are usually owned by the government to limit their use but some trees are still illegally being cut down. The price is very expensive that the Australian Sandalwoods are gaining more popularity.  It smells a bit different though because of its chemical concentration.

Sandalwoods are extracted of its oils but for this to be done, the tree has to be at least 40 years old and they are harvested including its roots.  The essential oil of sandalwood is a wood base note and is used as a fixative in perfumery and enhances the other fragrances combined with it. Since the two species of sandalwoods are protected, other Santalum species are being sold under the name of sandalwood too and are still accepted by traders.

In extraction of the essential oils, it’s not the trees leaves or flowers that are used but rather, it’s the wood itself. From the roots to the trunk, nothing is wasted. The tree is cut down and left for the ants to eat. Then what is left would be the heartwood and the roots which are then used for extraction.

It has a woody yet with a touch of flower scent into it.  The essential oil itself is used to treat infections.  It is added with vegetable oil in small quantity, say a few drops for every ounce, and used to massage the area infected.  It is also used to treat hemorrhoids.  This oil should never be applied to the skin undiluted as it can cause irritants.

The sandalwood oil is also popularly used for aromatherapy. It is blended with other essential oils such as bergamot and jasmine or lavender. It is great for removing the old skin cells to make your skin look younger.  Burn victims can also benefit from the sandalwood essential oil as it aids in their healing.

The sandalwood oil is also insecticidal. If you put a few drops of the essential oil to your aromatherapy diffuser, it wards off insects and also helps you go to sleep. It’s also antidepressant so you can just wash your worries away by breathing its aroma.

Sandalwood oil is excellent when combined with other oils for aromatherapy. You should try other essential oils such as jasmine and lemon oils and experience the amazing results to your senses. The sandalwood essential oil may be very expensive but it’s really worth the price. All you need is just a few drops and you’ll enjoy its healing properties.