Lemongrass or Cymbopogon is a genus of grasses with 55 species. It comes with different common names but they all refer to the same thing, Cymbopogon. They are sometimes called barbed wire grass or citronella grass amongst other names.  They are grown abundantly in India and other Asian countries. In fact, lemongrass is widely used in Asia as an herb for their dishes.  The lemongrass can be used fresh or dried and sometimes it takes a powder form.  The taste of lemongrass is citrussy.  Although it’s most commonly used in cooking, lemongrass is also used for different purpose.

lemongrass, fresh

Lemongrass is cultivated also for its fragrance.  Lemongrass is commonly used to extract its oil and used for perfumes.  Lemongrass does not flower but it’s the leaves that are being used for its different purpose.  Lemongrass leaves grow up to a meter and this is what’s being used and there’s no problem with the supply as they are widely cultivated in Asia.

Lemongrass also has several health benefits. It can relieve stomach ache, toothache and even sprain.  It is also used for its antibacterial properties and antifungal properties.  If you have ring worms, rubbing lemongrass on the surface would eventually get rid of it.
Lemongrass is also used in India to treat fever. In fact, lemongrass is also named as fever grass because it is used in India for cholera treatment and for fever.

The scent of lemongrass also has an effect to the human senses.  It helps you calm down and relieves your stress and even insomnia.  Just a few drops of lemongrass oil in an aromatherapy diffuser and you can easily get a good night sleep. Lemongrass oil is less expensive compared to other aromatherapy oils.  Lemongrass oil is used as a substitute in perfumes for lemon oils as they both have the same citrus fragrance.  If you want to know what lemongrass smells like, grab an Ivory soap as it uses lemongrass fragrance.

Lemongrass is widely used for its aromatic properties.  The scent is so relaxing and not painful to the nose.  It is being used in spas to help their customers relax and relieve their stress so they would have an even more amazing time at the spa. For perfumery, it is a top note scent and blends well with jasmine as well as lavender.  It gives a calming effect and it deodorizes too.

You can enjoy the calming effects of the lemongrass scent at home even if you have no source to buy the lemongrass oil. Just buy the lemongrass and get the leaves and squash them until it releases its fragrance. Then place them in your room and enjoy the calming effects of its fragrance.  If you have insomnia, it’s great to try aromatherapy. Lemongrass is just one of the several essential oils used in aromatherapy that gives a calming effect.  You don’t need sleeping pills anymore as aromatherapy works very well and you’ll have a great night sleep. You’ll feel calmed the next day too.