Lavenders have 39 species from its Lamiaceae family of plants.  They are native to the regions south of Africa and to the Southeast of India.  They easily cross pollinate with other plants and the variations of Lavender are growing.  Lavender’s flowers are beautiful and the colors of these flowers are also called lavender which is a variation of purple. Lavandula angustifolia is the most common species of lavender.

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Lavender has many uses. They are used for medicinal purposes, for food, and also for aromatherapy. Lavender is used for thousands of years because of their healing and relieving properties. The nectar found on lavender flowers is irresistible to bees and they produce excellent quality honey.  In France, they use lavender as herbs for their culinary cuisines. Lavender is also extracted to produce essential oil which is used as anti-inflammatory and for aromatherapy. The lavender essential oil is the extract from the flower of lavender itself and is a very pure essence of the flower. The essential oils of lavender were also used as disinfectant that in World War 1, lavender was used for disinfecting walls and floors. Now we don’t use it to disinfect walls and floors anymore because the oil is precious and expensive.

For aromatherapy, lavender is used for its relaxing properties. In fact, lavender is one of the more popular oils being used for aromatherapy. The scent of lavender is really good and when used for aromatherapy, it relieves headaches and even muscle pain.  Other than that, lavender also helps in fighting off infections such as sinus infection or lung infection. With such great benefits from lavender, it’s also rewarding to use it for aromatherapy because it smells good unlike some oils that also have good health benefits but the smell is just repugnant.

Lavender is also very popular in perfumery.  The floral scent of lavender is well loved in making perfumes and when other essential oils are added, it blends very well and produces a nice smelling perfume.

One great benefit of lavender is its way to help your mind relax. In fact, it’s a great essential oil to use at the office. Employers will surely find noticeable results with his/her employees. When lavender is used, the computer errors are significantly decreased by 25%. It just shows that lavender is indeed a very relaxing fragrance and office personnel would have less stress at the office.

Whether lavender is used for perfumes, soaps, or on aromatherapy diffusers, the scent of lavender will surely relieve your stress. Its heavenly scent is believed to be coming from heaven.  According to legend, lavender was a non-smelling flower but when Mary the mother of Jesus used it to dry her Son’s clothes on it, it suddenly gained its fragrance. For this reason, many believe that the fragrance of lavender was given to us by the heavens to enjoy.

A miracle or not, we are given by nature the sweet smelling and therapeutic flower that relieves tired muscles, stress, inflammation, itchiness, depression, insomnia, and many other health problems.