Aromatherapy for romance helps couples light up that passion that sometimes goes missing in a romantic relationship. It has been proven to be an effective tool to initiate and jumpstart the right mood needed for intimacy and romance. Using aromatherapy for romance helps make it easier to create a sensual atmosphere that can stir the senses and make a person more expressive to love and sensual touch. Imagine going home one night and coming home to a house filled with aromatic scent caused by organic pure essential oil that was carefully chosen to bring out one’s aphrodisiac traits.

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Just by using a few drops of aromatic essential oil coupled with a bit of romantic imagination, aromatherapy for romance helps heat up that passion between two loving individuals. An aromatherapy mixture applied on one’s skin can help increase self confidence greatly by at least 35%. Many women have testified about the positive results that applying specific essential aromatherapy oils such as patchouli and ylang ylang have helped them to reinvigorate their libido. Aromatherapy for romance helps in resurrecting that passion that sometimes wane in a relationship as time goes by.

Aromatherapy helps a person feel great about their own self, thus making this as the launching pad of positive response to stimulation, sensual touch and romantic mood of their partner. People have been using aromatherapy for romance for centuries now, dating back to the time of Cleopatra who herself preferred to use the essential aromatherapy oil of the Rose which she used as an ingredient in her perfume in order to attract the attention of Mark Anthony.

The most popular essential oils used as aromatherapy for romance comes from these following flowers; Rose, Orange, Rosewood, Jasmine, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood. These make an ideal complement to the art of seduction.  The essential aromatherapy oil from Rose is considered to be the Queen of all essential oil and is believed to help persons feeling with contempt and anger to eventually replace those negative feelings with affection and love.

Creating an aromatherapy for romance blending is fairly easy. One will only need a moisturizing body oil that is fragrance free preferably a mixture of natural oils like peach kernel, macadamia and sweet almond. For a full body massage, the aromatherapy mixture needed is about 4 teaspoons of fragrance free moisturizing oil to which you will add 8 to 10 drops of your preferred organic aromatherapy essential oil mixture.

After creating the aromatherapy mixture for the full massage you can try to add a more effective romantic mood by lighting up scented candles and spreading rose petals on a hot tub where you can enjoy a bath after the massage.

Here are some great choices for aromatherapy for romance:
·    Sandalwood – helps realize romantic fantasy
·    Lavender – attracts a romantic mood
·    Vanilla – expresses sweet and passionate mood
·    Ylang Ylang – euphoric stimulant
·    Jasmine – jumpstart passion
·    Rose – increases passion, particularly for women
·    Patchouli – reintroduce passion, particularly for men
·    Geranium – increase relaxation