Aromatherapy is also proven to be very effective in treating depression and other disorders caused by stress. Depression by definition is a condition that develops into more severe psychic problems which if untreated can lead to serious mental illness. Aromatherapy for depression helps individuals suffering from depression to reduce their level of stress and relax their mind through the soothing techniques of aromatherapy. When an individual suffers from depression, other disorders also arise, such as digestive problems and eating disorders. Aromatherapy for depression treats this stress related disorders and also improve one’s eating, sleeping patterns and boosts energy level.

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Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment method that uses essential oils that are extracted heavily from plants to help in the natural treatment of symptoms and guides one’s healing process. Essentials oils can be used for aromatherapy for depression in easing mental fatigue of an individual, makes sleeping easier. These essential oils can be applied through full body massages, diffusers, baths and perfumes. For those suffering from advanced depression and are nearing mental illness, aromatherapy for depression is effective as a complementary therapy to other forms of mental illness treatment method.

Scientific studies have proven that smelling the scent of essential oils like lavender helps increase alpha waves located in the back of the head; this occurrence creates a mood suitable for relaxation and therefore eases stress of an individual. Scent of Jasmine meanwhile, increases beta waves located in the front part of the brain and produces an increased alertness in the mind and body.

Here are some essential oils and its corresponding curative properties that can be used for aromatherapy for depression:

Clary Sage Essential oil – used as therapy for anxiety, depression and insomnia
Basil Essential oil – used for treating over fatigue
Rose Essential oil – is effective for treating nervous systems disorders
Ylang-ylang – an effective relaxer for anxiety, insomnia and depression
Sandalwood – its sedative properties and essential oil are effective therapy for tension and depression
Lavender Essential oil – also used for depression, hypertension, nervous tension, insomnia, headache and other stress related conditions.
Jasmine Essential oil – increases one’s beta waves which increases responsive and alertness state of mind.

Other essential oils also used for aromatherapy for depression are: Patchouli, Bergamot, Geranium, Chamomile and Rosemary Essential oils.

Aromatherapy for depression is an effective alternative treatment method for individuals that are starting to show symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress and other related disorders that affect one’s state of mind.

Aromatherapy for depression is applied as aromatic bath to at least two to three times a week. This is helpful for those suffering from depression because aromatic bath is found to be an effective relaxer of the mind and relaxes the mood greatly.

Aromatherapy for depression can also be applied in the form of body massage. It helps pamper the body thus creating a relaxing feeling and goes hand in hand in relieving nervous system disorder as well.
Aromatherapy for depression is cheaper, effective and revolutionary method of treatment that is available to everyone. With the help of the many essential oils produced by our planet, treating depression can become a very easy task if used properly.