Aromatherapy for Relaxation

The fast paced life we lead today is very stressful. We hardly get any time to be with ourselves. Some times we are so hard pressed that it seems impossible to take out just 15 minutes to sit and relax.

Essential Bath Oils

An aromatherapy session is not complete without an aromatherapy bath. Here essential oils are poured into the bath water. These oils are natural plant products and they have distinctive fragrances and smells according to the plants they are extracted from.

Aromatherapy for Romance

Aromatherapy for romance helps couples light up that passion that sometimes goes missing in a romantic relationship. It has been proven to be an effective tool to initiate and jumpstart the right mood needed for intimacy and romance. Using aromatherapy

Foods for Energy

These days, many people complaint about the shortage of energy. Particularly, people who are busy dealing with workout plans, relationship or career look for something to charge up. It is because all these take tons of energy. Nevertheless, fitness expert’s

Mayan Herbal Medicine

The Mayan civilization of Central America was very advanced in its use of herbs for medicine and religion. Most of the herbs the Mayans used were from the Central American region. It has been found that they did have a

Natural Vitamin D Sources

Vitamin D is an essential need for the human body. Vitamin D deficiency stops the growth and makes the bones extremely week. Sunlight is a significant source of the vitamin D. The sunlight forms vitamin D one the bare skin,